His majesty the Blue Jeans


“Blue jeans, white shirt. Walked into the room, you now you made my eyes burn. It was like James Dean, for sure.”

Denim is named after french town Nimes, where there was a factory that manufactured it. ( de Nimes)

Jeans ancestor was from India, cotton fabric dyed with indigo- dungaree.

First real jeans are made in Genoa (Italy). Pants made from denim were intended for sailors. They were able to wear pants even wet, or they could roll them up and wore it like a shorts.

Next station is USA. Levi Strauss, founder of Levi Strauss&Co., started business with jeans after Jacob Davis introduce him with new type of pants. Jacob Davis was tailor, who made pants for miners. He decided to put rivets to the corners of pockets on the pants, and also buckled pants with it.  And Voila! Jeans that we know today came this way.

During the fifties jeans became characteristic for young rebel people. As example, students  were expelled from classes  for wearing out jeans at school, same was at restaurants, churches, some institutions. Wearing out jeans was fight against prime.

Trough time jeans found their way to conquer the world.

In the eighties jeans became a part of High Fashion. “Designer jeans” was first introduced by Elio Fiorucci.

’99 Tom Ford for Gucci represents jeans that costs 3715$. After this runways are covered with jeans by Chanel, Dior, Chloe, Versace,…

Spring 1999 Tom Ford for Gucci

Spring 1999 Tom Ford for Gucci

Today jeans are worn-out by everyone, form royal families to burns on the streets.

In my case, as a girl and still student, jeans can be worn-out in every occasion. Snickers or high heels, t-shirt or blouse paired with good jeans and outfit always  looks good. Maybe it sounds like old established phrase but well paired denim always amaze me.

I’m in no hurry, I do not want to jump into the suit and stuck in office. In my 23., I bow to good jeans and denim clothes.

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Few months ago I decided to start learning how to do a real makeup, first on myself then on my friends and I’m satisfied how it’s going. Last year I started to follow a lot of makeup artists and since than I’ve watched a million videos and tutorials from different artists all around the world, and all I can say I’m not so pleased what I have seen from huge number of girls. Many of them do their makeup routine with a lot of makeup so they completely change their look. And yes, then I can understand boys when they make jokes such as “On a first date take your girl to the swimming pool, and see how she really looks”, or “If your girl has eyebrows when she wash her face, marry her.”

As I was growing up and wanted to learn how to makeup my face, my mom was just like “My dear all you need is good lipstick and mascara.” Every mom says that, that’s for sure. OK, it’s not always just a good lipstick and mascara, you can put other things also. In my opinion makeup is invented to cover some mistakes on your face and to bring out the best from your face, not to completely change your face description. Also there is a big difference between day and night makeup. It’s so ugly when you see a girl who came to cafe at early day-time, and her face is covered with all that hard powder like she had put her had in concrete.

My suggestion as a beginner in makeup world, is to use just a little makeup for day-time in some nude colors, to open your eyes with crayon and mascara, put some blush on your cheeks and it will look great, fresh and clean. For night-time you can do something stronger, but do not contour your face to look so different than you really are. Good eyeliner and bronzer are my favorites, also I like dark colors of lipstick (from deep red to black), and if you use lipsticks like me, make sure that your eyes are properly shadowed, because you will look like clown if you put some deep colors on your eyes too.

Read articles, on internet you can find everything you want, how properly to define your face shape, you don’t need to visit professionals. So girls what is the difference between your day and night look, what is the point to look same all the time?  Surely no one likes it.